Are You a Microcap Company? Become a Grapevine Member!

Little Grapevine restricts the number of microcap companies that can become Members and join the platform to 5 per month. Please note, while the technical microcap threshold is defined as companies having market capitalizations that are less than $300 million, we permit companies with market capitalizations of up to $500 million to apply to the Grapevine.

If you are a microcap company or represent a microcap company that is ready to gain access to the Grapevine investor network or want to know if you qualify for Membership, please call us at 954-494-4276 or go here to send us a request.

Please be aware that although no fee is required for investors to join Little Grapevine, companies are required to pay a nominal annual Membership fee to reach the Grapevine network of individual and institutional investors.