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About Grapevine Conference Events

Grapevine regularly hosts virtual conferences for select companies. Participation is invitation only.

What to Expect

  1. Each conference is limited to 5-10 high quality companies for an online virtual conference
  2. Pre-recorded 60 second mission/vision statement by company CEO or executive
  3. 20-30 minutes Virtual Presentation and accompanying slide deck
  4. Executive answer 5-10 questions prepared by Grapevine for inclusion in Virtual Presentation
  5. Presentations are announced and made available for viewing on the day of the conference
  6. Conference events and Presentations are archived on

Why Present

  1. Maximum exposure compared to traditional conferences where you’re surrounded by hundreds of other companies
  2. Littlegrapevine engages directly with every management team to understand all aspects of the business
  3. Less like “speed-dating” and more like a presentation
  4. Show investors that you meet quality standards set by Littlegrapevine
    • Strong management
    • Management focused on business, not stock price movement
    • Revenue
    • At or near profitability
    • High probability turnaround stories
    • Insider ownership
    • Manageable debt burden
    • Ability to grow without excessive equity raises
    • Shares outstanding is not excessive

Why Attend

  1. Meet the highest quality microcap companies
  2. It’s a great way to find new idea and supplement your research
  3. Learn how to interview management
  4. Become aware of the characteristics of best-in-class management teams

How to Watch and Participate

Register before the conference begins and you will receive instructions on where to go and when.